About The Company

Status Point Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in December 1994 with the aim of being one of the most advanced agro based processing plants in Malaysia, which involves in manufacturing coconut shell flour. Our manufacturing facility is currently located in Bagan Datoh, Perak. We are supplying coconut shell flour locally and also exporting to Japan, China, Korea and Singapore.

Our sole shareholder, National Land Finance Co-operative Society Limited which is one of the largest co-operative societies in Malaysia is interested in the plantation of oil palm, rubber, coconuts and cocoa. The society via its 3,500 hectares of coconut plantation provide with a captive supply of coconuts shells at 40% - 50% of our total requirement and the balance of the coconut shells are out sourced from other plantations and small holders. The machineries which are used to manufacture the coconut shell flour are imported from USA and Germany.

Apart from coconut shell flour, our company also involved in marketing of eco-packaging products which are manufactured based on empty fruit brunch (EFB), bamboo pulp and bagasse based on sugar cane residue.
About The Company

Company Overview

Environmental Friendly

Minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment during making of the product.

100% Organic Product

Is an organic substance and will not cause skin irritation or harmful with digestion.

Nature to Nature

A complete range of compostable packaging for a wide range of applications.